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Vegetable Stir Fry with Fried Tofu 4

Interested in eating more vegetables? Start with stir fries. You can throw in whatever you have on hand as well as customizing the protein. Here, I use tofu, but tempeh or meat would be great, too.
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Roasted Eggplant and Cream Cheese Spread 7

Usually the idea of toast with jam doesn’t appeal to me because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I do love toast with savory spreads like hummus and vegetable cream cheese concoctions, though. Luckily these spreads are extremely easy to make (especially with a mini chopper), and once you develop the technique, you’ll laugh at the $4 tubs at the store. Plus, it’s another great way to get rid of vegetables that are past their prime.
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Chocolate Guinness Cake with Raspberry Jam 0

Baking with Guinness may sound strange, but it actually goes really well with chocolate. It provides an additional depth of flavor that adds a slight bitterness to an otherwise ordinary cake. Here, in lieu of a sweet frosting, I’ve opted for a raspberry jam to add some sweetness and fruitiness. I adapted this from a Dave Lieberman cupcake recipe.
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Brown Irish Soda Bread 0

Soda bread is a great compromise between futzing around with yeast breads and buying bread at the store. Here’s a recipe I adapted from The Healthy Irishman that went extremely well with the Guinness stew I made for St. Patrick’s Day. The whole wheat flour added a nice nuttiness to the bread. Slather it with butter and you’re set.
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Beef or Vegetarian Guinness Stew – Your Choice 6

Sometimes there’s no substitute for the flavor meat brings to the table. This seems to be especially true for soups and stews where the meat has a big chance to shine with its luscious goodness melting into the broth.

This past St. Patrick’s Day I made a beef and Guinness stew, and I also spun it off into a vegetarian tempeh version that had quite a bit of flavor in its own right.

I served it with a brown Irish soda bread and Guinness, as usual!

Here’s how I did it.
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Tuna Mayo Sandwich 1

A tuna sandwich can be a simple yet protein-packed meal. Here, I’ve fancied it up a bit with a caper and tarragon mayonnaise. The capers give a nice acidic, almost lemony, taste. An ever-so-small amount of cayenne pepper just gives a hint of a kick. And the ripe tomatoes…they really make the sandwich. Sweet and juicy.
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Spicy Vegetarian Chili 0

Spicy vegetarian chili is a dish that I make regularly because it’s so easy and healthy, and it cleans out my refrigerator. I very roughly chop everything producing a chunky stew. Serve it over a baked potato or in a bowl and use whatever vegetables and beans you have on hand. It’s foolproof.
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Crispy Skinned Baked Potatoes 1

I love baked potatoes, complete with butter, sour cream, salt and pepper. Here’s a version I adapted from a technique I saw Alton Brown do on Good Eats, one of many things I’ve learned from that show.
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Pickled Red Peppers 0

I’ve been experimenting with pickling recently. It’s one of those things that I’d never attempted and didn’t know the first thing about. I’ve done jalapeƱos with carrots and most recently red peppers. Here’s the incredibly easy technique and recipe. The peppers are great on a crusty roll with a creamy cheese (we used Danish Havarti) and crispy lettuce.
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Italian Stuffed Peppers with Vegetarian Sausage 0

I recently discovered that my local produce shop has $1 grab bags of vegetables that are close to being too overripe to use. After coming home and seeing all of the peppers I snagged, it was the perfect opportunity to make a vegetarian stuffed pepper recipe. I opted to use Tofurky Italian Sausage, but you could easily use tempeh or vegetarian ground-beef crumbles or even the real thing. Experiment with different peppers, too. The orange ones were significantly sweeter and more flavorful than the green peppers. I served it with a simple green salad with a vinaigrette.
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